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Partnership firm

Joint venture:Fabio Rossini Fabrics Pvt Ltd is company formed by two well-known persons in the textiles industry.

Joint venture

This is a JV between two companies from same field specialising in textiles and sourcing fabrics from all over the world. They have vast experience in the textile industry. The advantage of this JV is the fabric expertise it brings along with it.


Choosing a right partner for the JV is very important in the current competitive market. To find a partner with similar expertise is highly recommended but rarely found in a JV. So this joint venture was formed considering the business scenario and market to serve customers better with the combined vast experience.


Joint venture itself has a lot of benefits

1. Sourcing Benefit: It also gives us the sourcing benefit.We have an upper hand in sourcing just because of the sourcing the fabrics across the globe.
2. Funding:The main benefit would obviously be funding of the firm.
3. Technical benefit: The market experience and technical knowledge from the firm helps us immensely.

Individual strength of Partner : Tony Brar(website)and Om PrakashBhaiya

Tony Brar :Brar Group (HK) Limited

Since its conception 15 years ago, Brar Group (HK) Limited O/B Bobby & Tony Enterprises, has evolved and grown to be one of the leading providers of finest quality 100% Cotton Shirting and Woollen Suiting fabrics. We cater locally on a retail basis to bespoke and local tailors and on a wholesale basis to garment manufacturers and international importers. Our turnover ratio of 70:30 (local to exports) has substantially changed to 60:40 (export to local) over the period and our annual volume of 30 million meters speaks for itself.

We strive to explore the regional manufacturer’s capabilities through which we have been able to introduce varieties to our customers keeping a tight grip on the pricing bottom line without compromising on quality. This initiative has enabled us in creating a cross-region import and export strategy resulting into a high volume of trades.

Our in-house design and creative department’s untiring efforts have gone a long way in introducing designs that suit to tastes in various continents. In their quest to achieve unique designs we have been able to service clients with Poplin, Oxford, French Oxford, Chambray, Pin-Point, Twills in Checks, Stripes, fancy Dobby and Printed Designs ranging in different yarn counts 40s 50s 60s 70s 80s 100s 120s 140s 160s 200s which are in 1-ply and 2-ply.

Reference: www.bobbytony.com

Om PrakashBhaiya : Bhaiya Fashion Pvt Ltd

Bhaiya Fashion Pvt. Ltd. is one of biggest exporters and importer of cotton fabric in India, trading in the sectorsof natural fabricsin India. Om PrakashBhaiya is also the founder of Stori Fashion Pvt. Ltd. (formerly known as Chaya Garments Pvt Ltd) a well-known garment brand.He is a visionary and has always believed in providing quality products to client at a competitive price.

Bhaiya Fashion Pvt Ltd

1. Total import and local sourcing
2. Total export
3. Total sales per day/per month/per year : It has monthly dispatch of around 40,000,00.00 meters .
4. Design studio :In-House design studio , with strength of 8 specialised in textile field .
5. Supply to big name in industry and local traders: They have a client like Madura Garments (Peter England, Van Huesen,LouisPhillipe ),Arvind Brand (Arrow ,U.S. Polo), Classic Polo , Raymond, Donear, Indian Terrain, Basics, Indigo Nation,Killer, Levis,Pepe,Westside and other leading brands.
6. Deals not just in textiles: Deals in yarns, bottom weigh, shirt weight, cotton, piece dyes, greys and many more.

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Fabio Rossini

1. Retail focus: Has been specially created to cater to the needs of different tastes regionally for ready to stitch fabrics, with apan Indiadistribution network, to bring to customer quality fabrics from all over the world. Our Cotton is soft, smooth and leaves you wondering in awe at its sheer brilliance.

2. Quality Focus: The quality concernsfor us is accurate selection of very best factory who in turn ensure quality raw material , using sophisticated technology and very latest machinery for weaving and finishing to meet our specific requirements.

3. Product Focus: Fashion is what you wear.It is what sets a leader apart from others. Just cotton is not enough sometimes. Hence, Fabio Rossini brings to India technologically superior and functional cotton shirting fabrics, in various finishes. Our Product combines the class, taste of various regions of India to give the best to our customers and lead in style.

4. Service Focus: We believe in delivering quality products to ourcustomers as per our promise. The competitivelandscape is filled with brands that are all about quick and prompt servicecatering our all channels to reach customers as quickly as we can. Service is a serious commitment to our customers. We take it upon ourselves to offer them the most beautiful fabrics for shirts in the world, reliably, quickly, flexibly.

5. Ethical Responsibility: Attention to the environment and channel partners is the guideline for every action we take. We strongly believe in enhancing human resources, inside and outside the company, convinced that creditability, sharing and trust are factors that go hand in hand with company success.

Premium Technologies

Technology :Yarn – Giza Yarn : GIZA is the highest grade of Egyptian cotton fibre, with long staple and high breaking strength, giving the fabric a very smooth and silky look and feel .
Silk Protein : SILK PROTEIN Finish imparts silk like property to the fabric and a super soft feel .
Liquid Ammonia :LIQUID AMMONIA finish imparts wrinkle free property ,dimensional stability, sheen, flexibility, wash and wear property, shrinkage control and high DP rating
Ever White: The innovative EVER WHITE technology helps the fabric retain its bright, white colour and prevent yellowing
ETI – Easy to Iron : EASY TO IRON fabrics, without any tough wrinkles or creases ,ensuring a smooth iron in the minimum time .